Welcome to my website!

On this page you will find the ceramics I have crafted myself over the last years. Besides that, you can find information about the expositions where my ceramics are shown and you are able to sign up for the ceramics class that I teach. 

My work

My work consists of abstract and geometric chapes which have been built up in layers. The sculptures are starting to 'live their own life' when I craft them. Often I am challenged to see how far I can go with the clay. My work invites you to look inside it since there lies the element of surprise. The round shaped are either double layered or smaller bulbs are inside.

My art forces people to wait and look for a while to figure out how it has been constructed. 

My art studio can be visited if you make an appointment. For enquiries you can use the contact page or e-mail to marga.boogaard@planet.nl.